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In the early eighties, the Industries had to source their requirements from distant markets from Pune, Mumbai and a need was felt to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of the Industry. The trader of yesteryears has become redundant and a more assuring and fulfilling techno-trader is required. Value additions are necessary by way of services and here the AISA member has easily stepped in. Each AISA member is selected by a process in which his attitudes, character and standing in business are studied. In other words, membership is not automatic but through a process of selection.

AISA Members form the colors of a rainbow - they deal in numerous items from stationery to hardware, from paints to electronic goods and have been rendering service to the Industry in the region. Each AISA Member is reputed for honesty, sincerity and devotion to his customers. The diverse nature of the members has a ray of unity - each AISA member is an Industrial Supplier. Over the years, AISA pages has been printed and distributed to the Industry in order to form a link between the members and the Industry. Since 1999, there have been many changes in the contents and it was felt necessary to update the information. For instance the telephone numbers have progressed from four digits to seven digits, mobiles have been added. Several members have enhanced their dealerships and today the member is prepared to compete in the global village.

This need is now being met with the launching of our website “www.aisapages.com”. May each member and each Industry benefit from this exercise leading to increase in customer relations, prosperity for the entire region and everlasting happiness.